Welfare schemes initiated by Punjab government – Sukhbir Singh Badal

Punjab government is contributing a lot for Punjab and its people and even taken steps to guide people about welfare schemes initiated by the state government. State government is also according utmost importance to the development of the state along with welfare schemes. SAD-BJP regime is fully committed to provide all basic amenities to the residents of border districts. Preference would be given to establish skill centre’s in border districts that would erase the label of being backward from their face resulting in speeding up of the pace of development.  sukhbir-terms-punjab-budget-as-progressive-pro-poor-development-oriented

It lead to the commencement of Bhagat Puran Singh Sehat Bima Yojna for farmers during a state level function, government is running welfare schemes so as to be able to cater to the interests of needy sections of society besides keeping the pace of development intact. It is providing the benefits of 11 lakh farming families of the state who would be able to avail cashless treatment up to Rs. 50000 annually through a smart card. It is also helping the people by proving insurance cover of Rs. 5 lakh in case of accidental death of head of the family.

The government has initiated Atta-Dal scheme, Shagan scheme, Pension Scheme, Mukh Mantri Tirath Yatra Scheme in order to resolve all the issues for the growth. The beginning pension scheme for farmers would ensure them monetary gains in old age. Unemployment is one of the major economic problems, so to make youth totally skilled, the government is soon going to advertise 1.20 lakh jobs whereas skill development centres are in the process of being established. The steps are being praised taken by the state government for welfare of farmers.


SYL construction decision- as water is the lifeline – Akali Dal

Punjab is an agrarian state and river waters are its lifelines. People are fully dependent on it. Punjab had absolute right over its river waters but through various agreements and decisions it had been robbed of its due share in broad daylight. “The people of Punjab are the custodians of the river waters in the state and won’t allow to share a single drop of it with any state as Punjab didn’t have spare water to share with anyone. The decision to construct SYL on Punjab in defiance to nationally and internationally has been taken for its implementation. Cm Meets senior counsels pursuing punjab's case on SYL - Akali DalWater, together with soil, is the underpinning assets of any land based business. Water is becoming increasingly important for farmers especially when their farm businesses incorporate irrigated rather than rain-fed farm enterprises. The quality of the water is used in terms of chemical and microbiological standards for business will also affect the types of crops that can be grown on the farm and ultimately the productive and financial capacity of the business. All living beings need water for the survival. The Earth is full of water. Water is the most essential element, next to air, to our survival for leading a good and healthy life. A farmer is one of the most important members of society. He is the gives food to the people, to all practical purposes. It will show the positive effect to the Punjab and its economy. Government has shown excellent steps for the improvement on water issues and other crises. As we all know that Punjab government is doing a lot for the farmers and their issues. It would help in improving the efficiency and performance of boosting the research in agriculture sector.

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar scholarship scheme launched – Akali Dal

Education is an important human activity. It was born with the birth of the human race and shall continue to function as long as the human race lives.Government gave approval of launching Dr.BR Ambedkar scholarship scheme for brilliant students of 10 and +2 classes of government schools across the world. 125 toppers will be awarded carrying prize money of 1lakh and 1.5 lakh from all the districts. Government advised the organization of seminars of life, philosophy in the universities. Even to reveal the works of Dr. BR Ambedkar.
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was a scholar, jurist and a revolutionist. He raised his voice against the social evils like un touchablity and caste-restrictions. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar tried to turn the Wheel of the Law toward social justice for all. It is a self-enlightening process. It is crucial to the overall development of an individual and the society. State government also gave approval of state level function on the birthday of Dr. BR Ambedkar at Phagwara on 14TH April. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is popularly known as ‘Babasaheb’. He was an Indian jurist, political leader, philosopher, anthropologist, historian, orator, economist, teacher, editor, prolific writer, revolutionary and a revivalist for Buddhism in India. He became the 1st Law Minister of India.
He became the Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee. For his contributions, he was awarded with ‘Bharat Ratna’. He contributes a lot for the people. Same thing the government is doing for the sake of Punjab and its culture. It’s our first duty to preserve our cultural heritage. The culture of Punjab underwent significant phases of evolution now.


The Punjab Government decided to hand over the bust of the great Sikh warrior Maharaja Ranjit Singh to be installed in Saint Tropez in France. Even the person who is the fourth generation of Gen. Allard advised to the installation of a statue of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in Saint Tropez on September 17, 2016 would be instrumental in strengthening the bonds of bonhomie, friendship and compassion between the people of Punjab and France.

It will lead to many developments and advantages to our economy. People will also create a strong bonding between both the countries. Gen. Ventura (Italian) served in the army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and both made an enormous contribution for the modernization of his military through their strategic experience and raised Fauj-i-khas, the “special” or “royal” brigade. It is the major reason for this initiative. Saint-Tropez is of very prominent tourist’s destination world over where nearly 6.5 million tourists visit this place every year.

It is the center o0f attraction for the people. This unique initiative would go a long way in further strengthening the bilateral relations between India and France. Punjab will be famous so much due to Gen. Allard’s outstanding contribution in the army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The installation of Maharaja Ranjit Singh bust in Saint Tropez would relive the cherished moments in the golden annals of Sikh History. Government is doing a lot for preserving its beautiful heritage. It aims to provide a previously unmatched and unrivalled level of service to all. Government is committed to the development and growth of all our people throughout the world.

Hold free blood sugar camp progamme – Akali Dal

Punjab initiates Special Programme for blood sugar test free of cost in nutrition counseling programs and healthy workshops and events. The aim of this study is to analyze available blood sugar causes to be diagnosed at various hospitals. As many as 12117 people got themselves examined for diabetes during these camps. A multiple case study design was chosen in order to inquire the small number of existing supportive programmes. It offers a variety of activities and therapies which are highly valuable and relevant for people with diabetes.
It leads to an increasing number of people are diagnosed with blood sugar and cured. It emphasizes a demand for developing rehabilitation strategies which contributes to difficulties for patients to become informed and knowledgeable about existing rehabilitation programmes. In this non-profitable organization, based on the theme halt the rise and beat diabetes. Punjab government has decided to hold free blood sugar camp in all districts and all hospitals of the state on 6th April and 7th April timings from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. all of our dedicated team members have true sympathy for the people who come to us and to enable them to beat diabetes which will further help monetarily and spiritually.
Through this awareness act of government, it provides formal and non-formal information and educating society about blood sugar. it always focuses on advocacy with public health officials, media, schools, colleges to generate awareness about health. Our primary motive is to beat all the diseases and to help the suffering of the mankind. Government is helping to create awareness of the disease by educating people about the key risk by informing people about the importance of check-ups and to motivate them. The factors of diabetes include obesity, mental stress, irregular meals, weakness, weight loss, numbness of feet and hands etc. Anyone having such symptoms should get investigations done from nearest health center.

Punjab all set to disburse 3 lac Bhagat Puran Singh Sehat – Akali Dal

To bring a great relief for the farmers Punjab government has launched “bhagat puran singh sehat bima yojna” for the welfare of farmers in the state. This scheme will provide cashless health services to the farmers of the country. It also aims to get the benefits for one year.pre health cards would be disbursed to three lakh farmers during first phase. Farmers and their families will be provided health insurance cover of Rs.50, 000 for the treatment and compensation of Rs 5 lakh in case of death of the head of the family or even to handicapped.
It provided the major benefits under this unique scheme. Government is providing full fledge information  to the farmers about this welfare scheme farmers who have any query about this can call 0172-2210125-29 control room of Punjab Mandi board during office hours. It aims to ensure the well being of farmers. It would help in improving the efficiency and performance of boosting the research in agriculture sector. . It will show the positive effect to the Punjab and its economy. As we all know that Punjab government is doing a lot for the farmers and their issues. No one will have to strive .every person can live fruitful life. .
We need to adopt and promote such innovative technologies to lead to greater harvest yields and help meet rising domestic demand for food products. Government’s efforts to increase national income and achieve developed nation status. It is lead to development organization in the nation to feeds millions of hungry people. Government is doing a lot for the sake of culture and economy.

CM cautions people to beware of malicious propaganda of ‘seasonal birds’ and ‘proven enemies of the state’ – Akali Dal

CM cautions the people of Punjab to beware of seasonal birds like AAP and Congress as they are proven the enemies of the state. SAD has done very good job by ensuring the well being of each and every person of society by laying special thrust on those belonging to weaker sections. He announced that the Punjab Government will announce major pro-people decisions in the coming budget.

Government is always being focused on bringing about qualitative change in the country and alleviate poverty. Punjab was the only state which was giving free power up to Rs. 5500 crore annually to farmers by only with the help of good work of SAD government. As recently promised for the development works of Punjab will go on at full pace and overall development of the State will be ensured. It’s the promise by Punjab government. State would be fought on the development agenda and people will give full support to SAD-BJP and the coalition will continue to be in power after the next elections as well.

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal is concerned, he is an outsider who has no knowledge of the feelings, sentiments, psyche or problems and issues of Punjab so he will be out rightly rejected by the people of Punjab. AAP is changing its colour. So as the congress also is busy in diverting people views. SAD Government has made the life easy for all. It leads to the growth of economy to Punjab and its people. We salute to the government measures. Government support people to empower themselves. Government is bringing awareness among the people through quite good advertisements. It aims to attain a 100% open defecation free Punjab. So CM tells people to judge their vote from the actions of the leaders rather than words. So it’s our duty to sacrifice for the safeguard of the state.

Pledge to protect water for the sake of Punjab – Akali Dal

Water is a basic necessity, needed to maintain a healthy body, a clear mind, and a good balance within your tissues. Government is doing very good job by ensuring the well being of each and every person of society. Government has shown excellent steps for the improvement on water issues and other crises. The government will not allow Punjab’s water to be shared. Punjab is not in a condition to share even a drop of water with others”.

Pledge to protect water for the sake of Punjab - Akali Dal.jpg

It is a prerequisite for human health and well-being. As government has decided not to give Punjab water will only Punjab people can use their water and can resolve their problems related to water. Government is doing a lot for the sake of culture and economy. Government said that water is the basic ingredient of life and if it will share water it would lead to the disaster, which will ruin Punjab. Every Punjabi must take pledge to protect water of the state at any cost. Congress party has broken the back bone of farmers in the country.

 Government has given relaxation to the jewelers who are agitating since imposition of duty on them. Even they promised to listen and fulfill the demands of jewelers as they were under tremendous pressure. Government said that everyone is free to test water in any elections. Even they have ensured remunerative prices of harvest of the farmers. It would help in improving the efficiency and performance of boosting the research in agriculture sector. As we all know that Punjab government is doing a lot for the farmers and their issues. We need to adopt and promote such innovative technologies to lead to greater harvest yields and help meet rising domestic demand for food products.

Shiromani Akali Dal | Various Foundations Laid by the Government to Develop Punjab

Shiromani Akali Dal | Various Foundations Laid by the Government to Develop Punjab

shiromani akali dalGovernment has proven itself that SAD-BJP government cares a lot for the people of state. Mrs. badal laid foundation stone of ultra modern dairy and ice cream plant at Verka Milk Plant Bathinda and two projects at and R plant at village Gillpatti. Not only this she also inaugurated newly constructed park at village Bhokhra and laid foundation stone of CC flooring project. At village Bhokhra she conducted sangat darshan of villages Kothe Inder Singh Wala and Kothe Natha Singh Wala. At village Nehianwali she conducted sangat darshan of villages Khialiwali and Mehma Sawai. Government distributed funds to various village panchayats. Government is giving pro-people and historical decision over the SYL which is a good relief for the Punjab and its people. Badal has promised to return lands to the farmers as well as saved state’s water. It has made our life easy to live and serve many benefits. It will provide better results for farmers to sort all agricultural issues. The development of agriculture has much to do with the economic welfare of our country. Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. Captain Amarinder Singh is synonym to corruption. In the year 2011, his own center government got action taken against him from Enforcement Directorate and now the Congress leaders and workers in state have turned against him. She added that like other states Congress will be wiped off from Punjab state too. She said that by not contesting the Khadoor Sahib elections, Congress has proven that it has lost its roots in state. Arvind Kejriwal had sworn in name of his children saying that he will not form any alliance, but he wenton to form government with Congress as alliance partner. This was the worst step taken by him.Government has made the Punjab to change its phase from bad to developed state.

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Shiromani Akali Dal|Resolving Farmers Issues

Shiromani Akali Dal|Resolving Farmers Issues

shiromani akali dal punjab_village The farmer is honest and hardworking person. He is one of the most important members of society. A farmer’s life becomes all the more pitiable when his crops fail. Since the farmers are poor, they borrow huge money from the money-lenders at high interest. He hopes to pay back the money earned from his crops. We should support our farmers to strengthen our community. State government has given full assurance to the farm labour unions of the state to take appropriate steps for immediate resolution of the problems being faced by them. They also assured them that pending amount of MNREGA workers worth Rs 177 crore would be released to them in the current month, after having meeting with farmer union deligation. They also promised to look into the matter of cancelation of FIRs registered against the workers by the Police during various agitations. They even told Panchayat Department to expedite the process of giving ownership rights of the already approved/ allotted plots to such labourers. Swift action would be taken by the department after any resolution passed by the village Panchayat in this regard. Even the authorities are told to restore residential power connections of such workers adding that the arrears must not be added in coming bills immediately. It will have a great effect on Punjab economy. Punjab government is doing a great job for its peace and harmony. The state government would initially give funds to run the chamber till it became fully self-sustainable. It will provide better results for farmers to sort all agricultural issues. This would help the chamber contest their claims vigorously with the central and state governments in a meaningful and result-oriented manner. Farmers have been provided assistance for owning agricultural activities. Government is taking every manner to promote rural development.